Rider, a very important question: is this etrike appropriate for me and my unique body?
We have 5'1" customers however, it is not just the height of the rider, to answer this you must consider the following:
- the height of the base tube where you must pass your legs through is 15" high from the ground, however by using the pedal as a base of support, you will reduce this to 12.5". Please consider you ability to make this move.
- the length between the seat in the lowest position and the pedal is 33 inches: please check the measure from your hip to your heel (check the following picture) This is more important than your height. Also if you replace the original Seatpost with one without suspension but remember to keep the 27.2 mm of diameter of the Seatpost and a flatter seat, you can gain a few inches. 


 Here are the 3SCORE Fat Tires Electric Trike Dimensions:

3SCORE Electric Tricycle for Adults measurements Riders suggested Height  and Rider suggested max weight  and cargo load