Battery Pack: 48V lithium ion battery pack, We have launched different types of cases for our battery pack; however, the 3SCORE battery pack core, has remained in its essence, however we have adapted the battery case according to our team suggestions and customers opinions. The battery pack is inserted in the main tube, you can easily remove it just turning the key to the unlock position and twisting the battery lock, this process will release your battery case and you will be able to remove it.

If you wish to check the charge level of your battery without having to reinsert it in the trike, simply touch the button shown in the following image: 3SCORE MIA Blue electric fat trike charging battery out with energy level

Battery Charger: The charger for 3SCORE is intended to use only with the battery pack supplied with your 3SCORE E-Trike, this is an smart charger which uses power switching tech and is designed specifically for your 3SCORE battery case. The Scope of input voltage is 120V, Output is 54.6 V and the operating and storage temp is 0 to 25°C.Charging time 5.5 hours. Smart light alerts.3SCORE Fat trike Battery Charger for Lithium rechargeable battery

3SCORE Electric Tricycle charging the battery on the etrike

Motor: 750 W Brushless Front Geared Hub Motor Heavy Duty Adapted, Actual power-to-ground wattage is under 750W to ensure e-trike regulatory compliance and may vary depending on riding conditions.

3SCORE Adult Folding e trike Motor

Controller: Smart Brushless Motor Controller 48V, waterproof connectors, Under Voltage: 39+-1V, Electric Current 22+-1A, Spaces available to customize more electric accessories. It connects directly with the Color Display to constantly scan all the e-trike electrical functions. Compact design and water resistant under the cover. 

Throttle: Powerful and Sensitive Thumb Throttle, use your thumb and accelerate to the desire speed. Complete waterproof. Extra feature: manual function con limit the max speed.3SCORE Motorized Trike Thumb Throttle

Headlight: switch between daytime and night time easily from your display control, turn on your electric tricycle head light and light your way. Electric horn included with the headlamp. (model may change, subject to availability)

3SCORE MIA Blue electric fat trike headlamp front light

Backlights: When you hit the brakes you will turn the rear safety red lights on and when you release it will turn off, it also turn on and off with the parking brakes. Water proof and bright red color for safety.

3SCORE MIA electric fat tricycle taillight for safety brake lights

Turn Signals: Yellow turn signals for rider safety, they are controlled from the smart small controller switch you can easily choose right or left.

3SCORE MIA electric fat tire trike blinker or turn signal

PAS:E trike Pedal Assist System, 5 smart assist levels,  level 0, the PAS is not active and your pedal stroke will require a normal amount of effort. At PAS level 5, you will be using the full power of the PAS and it will require much less effort to pedal forward. Riding in the top level of PAS basically feels like having bionic legs!, hit the brakes to stop the PAS for safety.

3SCORE 3 wheels ebike PAS display control

Electric Horn: Hit that electric horn for safety, alert everybody that you are coming in your etrike, high volume alert sound. 

3SCORE electric tricycle with electric horn for safety sound alert