The 3SCORE Waterproof Color Display provides a quick and reliable color readout of the overall electrical system status of your 3-wheel electric bike. It has the ability to control the on and off of all lighting on your etrike, shows you battery levels, constantly scans your electrical system and reports any problems, you can see how fast you are moving and of course the accumulated odometer. This color monitor for your adult folding trike allows you to charge any device through its USB port.

USB Charger: The USB charging port is fully integrated into the 3CORE color display. Strategically positioned for easy accessibility with the phone stand and fully manageable to turn on or off and efficiently use your battery when you need it. The rubberized USB port protector repels water and dust.

3SCORE Display for electric tricycle front
3SCORE color display for electric tricycle angle3SCORE color display for electric tricycle for adults USB port3SCORE Fat Tire E Trike Color Display and front basket